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Elective Residency Visa Lab

Get Samantha's exact method that has helped 100% of her private clients SUCCESSFULLY apply for their Elective Residency Visa


This special recorded workshop will help increase your chances of a successful application so you can retire to Italy and live your dream.

What you'll get:

  • Over 2 hours of recorded video with deep dives into critical sections like financial requirements, document preparation and the Consulate interview.
  • Samantha's Seven Steps to Success Plan
  • BONUS 42 Page workbook with checklists, cover letter templates, bank letter templates
  • Lifetime access to all resources and workshop materials

### What You Will Learn ###

  • Exactly what the ERV is and what it isn't
  • How to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and estimate the likelihood of a successful application
  • How to assemble your documents to WOW the consulate
  • What exactly qualifies as passive income, and how to present your financial viability to prove you qualify
  • How to prepare your documents (apostille, translations, healthcare, cover letter, bank letters...)
  • How to ensure your residential address/lease/deed qualifies
  • What to expect at the interview and how to prepare.

The Elective Residency Visa Workshop is designed to help you evaluate and prepare for the visa application.  By participating in this workshop, you understand that we cannot guarantee that you will be successful as many factors, including the decision process, are out of our control.

What People Are Saying:

"TAKE IT!!! This is a course that breaks down the process and provides samples and suggestions for making each application has strong as possible. While you cannot guarantee anyone's success, you have provided the tools to assure that each of our applications is thorough, well organized, and well presented. So many questions are answered - even ones you didn't know you had."

"If you think your best chance to move to Italy is an ERV visa, then you need this course to help confirm that's true and also to guide you through the maze-like process."

"If you're thinking about moving to Italy as a retiree, don't go it alone when applying for your visa. This course will guide you through the complex process and provide the tools you need to meet your goal. You need Sam!"

"Best money we ever spent, Sam provides clear Accurate information and has professionals available for consultations. This is not Facebook gibberish!"

"The ERV Prep Course is like having the last piece of the puzzle. Going through the course and adhering to the guidance, you can feel pretty confident you will be successful in obtaining your ERV. "

"Loved this honest, informative and well presented course- essential for ERV ."

"Sam and her team provide you with a step by step guide to gather the necessary documents to apply for your ERV. They provide sample templates and excellent, helpful instructions and tips on presenting your ERV packet in the best way to achieve approval of your ERV Visa. This course will ease the "stress" of getting everything right!! Excellent resource!!"

"Sam is your ticket to Italy! You won’t know how much you don’t know until you take the course. Well worth the investment. Unfortunately real life isn’t Diane Lane in under the sun. You can’t just stop the bus, buy a house, and stay forever. Learn how to do it right."

"Everyone knows if you don’t get a visa, you don’t live in Italy. After participating in Sam Wilson’s Vita Italia course, this is the obvious next step. It’s the Practical how to, of assembling your visa for your best chance of approval. It’s the details that she explains, and guides you through. The ability to ask questions about your application is priceless. Because as Sam always says, “you don’t know what you don’t know!” I would recommend this class to all who are in the process of preparing their applications."

"Sam and the whole team at di Vita did a wonderful job of putting together a great ERV course. This course will help guide you through the ERV application process, the documents need and checklist to help keep you on track. It will also give you insight into whether this type of visa is right for you and your situation. I highly recommend it to anyone considering retirement now or with the next few years and what to live that retirement in Italy."